Panties Usage: Feel Comfortable or Sexy?


  • Marina Anderle Giongo UFRGS
  • Júlio Carlos de Souza Van der Linden UFRGS
  • Maurício Moreira e Silva Bernardes UFRGS



Motivation for panties usage is the main issue of this paper. By means of a survey involving 348 female undergraduate students from two Brazilian universities, we analyzed comfort perception versus appearance evaluation, with an behavioral approach. The study allowed to evaluate the following variables: usage profile (defined by usage frequency); behavioral profile (defined by accordance to any usage situations); comfort perception and appearance evaluation of six models of panties; and dimension of comfort (defined by evaluation of comfort and discomfort descriptors). The analysis involved a clustering of primary data and after that, Crosstables among clusters. Statistical tools we used were K-Means Cluster Analysis and Pearson’s Chi-square Tests by Crosstables with the SPSS8. Results indicated that daring women tend to be extroverted and value psychological comfort; conservative women tend to be introverted and value psychological comfort; moderate women tend to be contextual in usage and doesn’t prioritize any comfort dimension. 




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ANDERLE GIONGO, M.; VAN DER LINDEN, J. C. de S.; BERNARDES, M. M. e S. Panties Usage: Feel Comfortable or Sexy?. Human Factors in Design, Florianópolis, v. 6, n. 11, p. 002-021, 2017. DOI: 10.5965/2316796306112017002. Disponível em: Acesso em: 3 dez. 2021.